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Are you R.I.P. (Retired In Place)?

Almost every time I start a new client engagement to help improve a sales team I encounter one, or more salespeople that are R.I.P.  These are above average sales pros that usually have been around longer than other team members.  They are typically nice people.  They maintain a nice book of business. They sell about… Read more »

Someday I’ll go sailing

I’m a sailor. I sold my last boat many years ago and now rent (charter) a boat to cruise. One of the charter companies we use sends a newsletter monthly. The last one was called “Someday, I’ll go sailing”. For years after selling the boat we talked about going to the Caribbean for a week… Read more »


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"A lot of consultants offer mostly fluff, with some useful information mixed in. Mark cuts right to the the chase. You're not paying for unusable time spent."

Mike Mackley
Director of Sales, Tilsner Carton Co.