In these difficult economic times, are you really getting as much as you can out of your sales force? Most companies don't even know where to begin when it comes to evaluating their existing sales efforts or hiring the highly skilled and motivated sales professionals they so desperately need.

A viable alternative is often an Independent Manufacturer's Representative. But, and it is big but, how do find a good one? Then, how do you manage them?

Our innovative new Manufacturer's Rep Finder Service is a Five Step Process to Profile, Indentify, Analyze, Assess and Manage your new Manufacturer's Representative.

  1. We Profile your needs and wants in a sales representative. This will be the document we use to identify and qualify potential sales representatives.
  2. We Identify potential sales representatives in your industry, market, product line or geographic area.
  3. We Analyze which of the reps most closely match your organization's needs.
  4. We Assess their level of interest and experience in your industry, product line, market or geographic area.
  5. We show you how to Manage the relationship to effectively expand your market, increase profits and promote your organizational mission.

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We can take the mystery and uncertainty out of the search for new reps. We set expectations, detail an agreement and show you how to manage the relationship for years to come. Check out our White Paper: Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Independent Rep.

About Mark Burrall

Mark Burrall has more than 30 years of sales management, marketing leadership and general management experience in a variety of industries. He has developed and directed OEM, rep and distributor sales channels, marketing plans and compensation programs.

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